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Mommy’s little secret-By CAROLYN ABRAHAM



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Viator v. Miller


 So is it okay for a judge to screw a persons wife; get her pregnant; and then preside over the divorce divorce?The answer-YES

P.S. The mom sued the judge in Federal court to ask him to stop harrassing her after they broke up. The judge was harrassing her, in part, by trying to pay her child support. The appeals court fined the judge $500 dollars and told him to stop trying to pay support to establish his paternity.

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From Bastardy to Equality: The Rights of Nonmartial Children and their Fathers in Comparative Perspective.

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Sperm donors no longer bank on anonymity

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The Supreme Court dismissed an application for leave to appeal by a woman who wanted to absolve her common-law husband of responsibility for a child she had through artificial insemination without his consent.

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Who’s Your Daddy?By Cecily Ruttenberg


It’s not politically correct to say that child support laws are biased against men. But cases of questionable fatherhood and bizarre prosecutions of disproved dads show that, sometimes, it’s true.

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