The Supreme Court dismissed an application for leave to appeal by a woman who wanted to absolve her common-law husband of responsibility for a child she had through artificial insemination without his consent.


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  1. I think this decision is a little striking that non-biological parents are being forced to assume responsibility for children that are not theirs. I don’t see how the court can come to this kind of a decision. At what point do step-parents have controlling interests in their partner’s children’s lives? After a set number diaper changes?

    While I agree that the courts need to respect the rights of the children in this matter first and foremost, do children have the inherent right to a father figure who for all intents and purposes had no hand in creating them?

    I think that the court is far over-stepping its bounds when it comes to family law in this case, and if someone wants to opt out with consent, they should be allowed to.
    How much responsibility does the man have when he had no prior knowledge of the child and how can he prove that he didn’t know? If he wants out of the relationship, does he have to pay child support? Does he get partial custody or visitation with the child?

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